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Mike Orazen, founder of Orazen Extruded Polymers, is back into the commercial glazing and construction market after a four-year hiatus during which he explored coaching and teaching through entrepreneurial opportunities.

“I learned that coaching and teaching are noble professions, but not just by definition,” said Mike. “It is the act of leading and developing people and teams, and doing so well, that is exciting to me. That can be done in any profession and, in retrospect, I had been doing that throughout my career.”

Prior to his time teaching, Mike spent 23 years learning the ins and outs of rubber extrusion. His father, Mike Orazen Sr., founded a company called EPG which specialized in rubber extrusion for glazing applications. Father groomed Son, giving him opportunities to learn all technical and business aspects of EPG.

“I have spent the majority of my life in and around rubber extrusion for glazing and construction,” said Mike. “It’s what I know … the applications, the suppliers, and the customers. There is very little I know more about than making rubber products for glazing and construction.”

Mike said his time out of the extrusion market allowed him to look back at his history with that particular industry from a new vantage point, one that led him to the conclusion that it was time to create OEP.

“I’m so proud of my Dad and his creation of EPG,” said Mike. “I also feel proud to have been a part of such an incredible company. I believe the need for a company whose sole mission is to provide extruded polymer products to the glazing and construction market has come full circle,” said Mike. “Obviously this is not a new idea since my Dad had it almost 30 years ago! There are fine and quite large companies that allocate some resources to this product for this marketplace…but these companies serve many other markets and provide many other unrelated products.  OEP has chosen the market we want to serve, based on our confidence in our expertise and the value of a laser-like focus.”

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