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extruded polymers ohio 40.4173° N, 82.9071° W

Orazen Quality Standards

At Orazen Extruded Polymers, our goal is to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers – and we deliver on this expectation. We accomplish this goal by utilizing SPC, error proofing and other proven practices on an ongoing basis. Our quality control program is built on years of experience in custom extrusion and daily use of many recognized quality process control concepts and best practices.


We produce rubber products specific to glazing & construction using a variety of materials

  • Sponge and Dense Presets
  • Wedge Gaskets
  • Storefront Flush Glaze Gaskets
  • Setting Blocks cut to length
  • Edge blocks
  • Butt Glaze Spacers
  • Dunnage for Glass handling
  • Door Seals
  • Sweeps
  • Vulcanized, spliced corners and gaskets
  • Cut To Length
  • Custom Packaging
  • and more!

Tooling Advantage

High quality and consistent product demands high quality and precision tooling! At Orazen Extruded Polymers, we have taken control of designing and making our tooling in house with our  Sodick wire EDM. We maintain our tooling design to replicate the tooling exactly in the case of wear, or other loss

High quality, in-house tooling for all extrusion dies and splicing & heat transfer molds
*AutoCAD®, AutoSketch®, *Pro/ENGINEER® and other drawing files imported
*BobWIRE® for wire EDM generated tooling

extruded polymers 40.4173° N, 82.9071° W

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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