mike orazen extruded polymers 40.4173° N, 82.9071° W

Orazen Extruded Polymers are the experts in the extruded polymer industry providing products for commercial glazing and construction. With decades of experience we have become leaders in the industry.

We produce rubber products specific to glazing & construction using a variety of materials:

  • Sponge and Dense Presets
  • Wedge Gaskets
  • Storefront Flush Glaze Gaskets
  • Setting Blocks cut to length
  • Edge blocks
  • Butt Glaze Spacers
  • Dunnage for Glass handling
  • Door Seals
  • Sweeps
  • Vulcanized, spliced corners and gaskets
  • Cut To Length
  • Custom Packaging
  • and more!
orazen extruded polymers 40.4173° N, 82.9071° W
extruded polymers 40.4173° N, 82.9071° W

Why Should Orazen Be Your Extruded Polymer Manufacturer?

Many retailers start their outlets with a bang. Unluckily, most of them fail to register the desired success. The situation is no different in the case of wholesalers. Even exporters lag in the competition. On the flip side, certain wholesalers, retailers, and exporters record huge success. So, what’s the secret for their big success? These businesses buy the required products from a reliable extruded polymer manufacturer. Whether it’s a wedge gasket or rubber products, a reliable manufacturer can take your venture to a new level amidst tough competition.

What does an extruded polymer manufacturer do?

Before finding about Orazen Extruded Polymers, let’s understand what extrusion polymer is. Extrusion is essentially a forming process of making long products of uniform cross-sections. Popular examples in this respect are rods, pipes, sheets, films, and others. Back then, the extruded polymer process was limited to plastic and resin-based materials. Today, rubber and other materials are also used in extrusions.

Orazen uses specific materials such as resin or rubber (as the case may be) to form long products. Even items of short lengths are produced through the extrusion process. Based on the requirements of end-users, the manufacturer uses a customized die to form each of these products.

Why hire Orazen Extruded Polymers as your extruded polymer manufacturer?

Now that you know what the extrusion polymer manufacturer does, you may want to know the perks of hiring Orazen. What benefits could you derive by working with a reliable manufacturer like Orazen? Some wholesalers and exporters never give thought to extruded polymer product makers. They depend on a local supplier for their needs. However, most of these businesses don’t score much. Sooner or later, they face difficulties in all walks of their field. Choosing Orazen, on the other hand, is extremely beneficial. Some of the highlighting advantages are detailed below.


One of the big tasks faced by any business is the lack of variety. You can’t count on gaining customers with one product. This is even more correct if you target retail customers. If you offer a single product, you may hardly make any sales. The reason – people prefer to buy all of their items under one roof.

They don’t wish to travel around here and there and search multiple stores for their needs. As a smart retailer or wholesaler, you may want to keep your customers pleased and happy by offering their desired products. For that, you need variety. A reputed extruded polymer manufacturer offers various products. From sponge and dense presets to storefront flush glaze gaskets as well as pipes and rods, you can order multiple items from the producer.

Uniform quality

The modern business survives on quality. If you lag in terms of quality, you’ll be out of the scene sooner or later. Quality is the basis and foundation of survival and success. While many suppliers profess to offer quality products, they don’t live up to their claims in many respects.

Some suppliers fail to keep pace with material quality. On the other hand, certain vendors lag in terms of shapes and sizes. There are minor differences in sizes and shapes. However, these minor differences can make a huge difference in business, especially the export business. Your whole consignment could be returned for a single mistake. If this is the case, you’ll lose your client as well as money.

Turning to a well-known extruded polymer manufacturer like Orazen, they let you do away with such issues beforehand. Orazen will ensure uniformity in all respects. The manufacturer will use the same die and buy quality material from one supplier. That will let you bet on quality while offering products. The final outcome is an increase in the number of your clients and orders.

Uninterrupted supply

If you’re into wholesale or export trade, you need to have a regular supply of goods. Whether it’s rods or custom packaging materials, you need products on demand. If you don’t meet the demands of your clients, you lose opportunities. Today, no smart businessman would ever think of losing clients and opportunities.

So, why not depend on an experienced extruded polymer manufacturer for your needs? Such a maker will ensure a constant supply of products. Whether you need items in small or big quantities, you can be rest assured of the supply. Uninterrupted supply will streamline your business and enhance your reputation.


You’ll find many suppliers of various products. Whether it’s industrial items or consumer durable items, the market is filled with thousands of products. Also, thousands of vendors are scattered everywhere to fulfill the needs of buyers. While that allows accessibility to a wide variety, it makes the choice daunting and difficult. Not all products are worth checking.

Most products wear out quickly. If you’re into retail or export business, you would want products that will last longer. For that, you need a dependable extruded polymer manufacturer. Such a maker uses high-quality materials of uniform lot number in the production process. Consequently, the durability of the products is enhanced.


The profit margin has gone down in almost every field, thanks to the cut-throat competition out there. Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler, you ought to carry out your business on a slim margin. If you keep a bigger margin, no one would buy your products. However, a very slim margin can affect the growth prospects and diversification activities of your venture.

You can resolve these problems with a popular extruded polymer manufacturer by your side. The manufacturer offers various high-quality products at the most competitive rates. Since you buy products directly from the manufacturer, you get to keep all of the profits in the process. That makes you competitive while letting you enjoy more profits for diversification as well as survival.

Timely delivery

Today, time is paramount. Those who don’t give importance to time fail in their field. This applies to retailers and exporters too. As a reliable supplier, you ought to offer products to end-users under all circumstances. A particular product may likely be out of stock due to some unusual situations. However, you can’t post an excuse for your customers.

Rather, you need to sort out ways to ensure the timely delivery of items to your end-users. A reputable extruded polymer manufacturer like Orazen could turn out to be a game-changer on this point. By teaming up with a reliable manufacturer, you could ensure the on-time supply of products no matter what.


Today, people love comfort and convenience in all spheres of life. Whether you’re a worker, retailer, or exporter, you cherish the utmost convenience. As a businessman, you may want a convenient choice and delivery. You may also wish to enjoy convenient shipping and return policy. The list of the desired conveniences could go on and on.

In a nutshell, everybody wants to cut down the hassles to the least. Depending on a reputable extruded polymer manufacturer offers the much-needed convenience. Whether it’s the delivery of products or quick fixes in the manufacturing process, you can resolve all such worries and issues quickly without leaving your seat.


Running a business is no joke. A lot of things go into making a successful venture. If you miss a single thing, you may witness a failure. You ought to be reliable on all corners. Whether it’s quality, supply, pricing, or warranty, you should be reliable in the eyes of your clients and end-users.

If you lag on this point, you won’t succeed. To do away with this problem, you need a reliable manufacturer- a maker you could depend on for all of your needs on all points. Orazen Extruded Polymer manufacturer offers quality products to clients and customers.

From simple everyday use products such as rods and pipes to high-end products such as cut to length items, door seals, and vulcanized, spliced corners and gaskets, an extruded polymer product maker will offer products you could bet on. Such reliability lets you resolve day to day business issues and scale your venture in the long run.

Warranted products

If you depend on your local supplier, you can’t be sure whether the product will last longer. A particular product lot may likely fall short of the required quality. Perhaps, the material used in the manufacturing process was inferior. No matter the reason, nobody will address your grievances. The reason – you won’t get any warranty from your local supplier.

The situation is opposite with an Orazen extruded polymer manufacturer. A well-known maker will definitely offer some sort of warranty. You may expect repairs and workmanship defect warranties from the maker. If anything falls short of the warranty, you can seek price negotiations or replacements as you wish. In the end, you get compensated for mistakes or defects in the product.

Bottom line

Making a successful venture could be a big task in this competitive era. Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, or exporter, you need to stand out in the crowded competition. It’s here an extruded polymer manufacturer helps out. No matter whether it’s quantity and variety, Orazen could live up to your expectations. Reliability, convenience, warranty, uniform quality, on-time delivery, continuous supply, durability, etc. are some of the important advantages of choosing an extrusion polymer manufacturer. If you want to tap these amazing advantages, call a well-known manufacturer and harvest the benefits.

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